Reasons You Might Be Getting A Foot Ache

Are you someone who is physically active and you are always finding time to work out and try out new outdoor activities but even though you have always been this way, you are experiencing some severe foot aches recently and you do not know what is causing them? Do you get a bad foot ache after you get home every day and you have been assuming that it may be because you always take the stairs instead of the elevator because you feel like it is a little work out but today, you took the elevator and still had the same pain?No matter your story may be, whether you are a physically active person and have been this way forever but you have recently been experiencing some foot aches like the individual in the first example or if similar to the individual in the second example, you thought you had the reason for your aches figured out, you must know that the reasons for your foot ache may be a lot more serious. So read below to learn more about what may be causing your foot pains.

Improper shoes

Our feet carry us everywhere we need to go and most of us spend many hours a day standing up and walking around and therefore it is extremely important to think about the kind of shoes we wear. If you are asked to wear a specific type of shoe for work and you feel that it is giving you severe aches, you may talk to your employers and find wedge shoes online. These kinds of shoes not only look great and give you the height you need but they are much more comfortable as well because the feet are not as arched.There are specific shoes for different occasions and while you may want to wear womens ankle boots Australia on your day out shopping with your friends because you want to feel fabulous, you must also make sure that you do not spend too much time in high heels or shoes that cause your feet to arch too high as this can be the primary cause of your foot aches. So you can wear running shoes, sneakers or even simple yet stylish ballet flats or slides whenever you can as these are much kinder to your feet.

Muscle strain/damage

It is extremely important that you wear the right kind of shoes when working out and that you find shoes that support the natural arch of your feet. This is because sometimes we may pull a muscle in our feet without even noticing it and then suffer with the sharp pains. So if you have been experiencing sharp pains in your feet after a recent work out, you must visit your physician or therapist immediately so that they can check your feet and see if there has been any damage caused.