Foods to Eat During Summer


Summer is that time of the year where the days are long and sweltering. The summer nights are usually filled with shouts of laugher and joy of kids and adults as they fire up their barbeque grill or sit around camp fires. It is a time to have fun and make long lasting memories. While summer is a time for fun and frolic, it is also a time where you need to stay hydrated and keep your skin protected from sunlight. Here are some foods that you should include in your diet in order to protect your skin and stay hydrated.


Cucumber contains a lot of water, which helps you to stay hydrated during those long days and humid nights. Cool as a cucumber probably came into existence because someone used it to serve the same purposes during one summer. You could snack on raw cucumbers or you could incorporate it into recipes. All you will need is a Kenwood food processor in NZ. Try cucumber juice instead of water or add it into your salads. You could also try cold cucumber soup if you are feeling particularly partial towards cucumber this summer.


Watermelon is another food that is as hydrating as cucumber. Similar to cucumber, it could be added to salads or juices either alone or in combination. Watermelon and strawberry salad is a popular and delicious combination when combined with a citrusy dressing for a dash of freshness.

Green Leaves

Green leafy vegetables are full of carotenoids, which help to protect your skin against the UV radiation of sun. Incorporating green leafy vegetables into your diet can be a challenge, especially with kids. Try sneaking them in on the sly through salads or pies. The next time you make a berry smoothie, throw in some greens into the food processor.

Strawberries and Blueberries

Strawberries and blue berries have many health benefits such as protecting the skin against UV radiation and keeping it hydrated. There are many ways to include these two berries in your food. Read a summer recipe book or hunt them up on the internet for smoothies, puddings, dips, salads and sorbets made with strawberries and blueberries.


Yoghurt is a nutritious food that keeps your intestines in functional order and healthy. It will also help to keep you from overeating at those barbeques and summer parties. Keep a yoghurt with you at all times and snack on it whenever you feel hungry. If you are watching your weight, go for a low fat and low sugar variety.


Oranges contain a lot of water as well as potassium. You lose a lot of potassium during summer through sweat, which will lead to muscle cramps if it isn’t replenished.