Benefits Of Having Honey Before Bedtime

Sleep is a good way to boost our mood and give the body time to heal. So, it is necessary to have a good sleep at night. Honey can help with the sleep while giving the body more medical benefits.

Honey is anti-inflammatory and can stop infection. When it is taken before bedtime with milk, nothing can be better. Milk itself is proven to help to sleep better. There are quite few ways in which raw honey Melbourne along with milk can help our body.

It helps to induce hormone that helps to sleep:

Honey increases the level of insulin in the blood. Insulin encourages the release of tryptophan in the brain which later gets converted into serotonin. Serotonin is the hormone that helps to boost our mood and relax the brain and body. When honey is taken before bedtime, it increases serotonin level helping to sleep. Buy raw and organic honey from wholesale honey suppliers and use it whenever you want.

Gives fuel to the liver:

The night is quite long and the liver needs fuel for the night. Honey is the right choice. It will help the liver to produce glucose which will then increase the production of several fat burning hormones. Due to the presence of glucose and fructose, honey is proper food for the lover in the night.

Cough relief:

It is well known that honey helps to relieve common cold and cough. Especially, children suffer from night time coughing that affects their sleep. Giving some honey to children 30 minutes before bedtime can help to relieve cold related cough in children.

Lose weight during night:

Weight loss is now a major concern for many people. If honey is taken before going to bed, it will provide enough food for the liver. It will produce glucose to increase the level of fat burning hormones in the body. It will melt more fat even when you sleep.

Helps digestion:

Digestion is an important function in our body. Our gut has some pathogens in it that can create problem in digestion. Drinking honey with warm water can destroy the pathogens due to the presence of antimicrobial properties. Thus your digestion will be smoother on taken honey.

Strong immunity:

Honey has loads of antioxidants which help to fight the free radicals in our body boosting the immune system in human body.

Solve midnight cravings:

One of the reasons of obesity is midnight snacks. People often choose chocolate and chips for satisfying the tummy even after having dinner. Honey increases the blood sugar level and gives the feeling of satiety.